Jeff Nagel – November 2013

A Weekend of Inner Cultivation Taoist Style… Treating the Back / Neck / Spine with Classical Chinese Medicine. Attain deeper levels of well-being, optimum health and achievement with wisdom of the cosmology of the Tao, taught by Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc, Dipl.Ac. Jeff lives and practices in San Diego, CA and is trained in the 8-Brances of Chinese Taoist Healing Arts and Internal Medicine Martial Arts. He has spent his professional life in practice, teaching and researching Oriental Medicine and cultivation of Chi Kung. Jeff’s teachers include Taoists Grand Master Share K. Lew of the Yellow Dragon Monastery, China. As an experienced practitioner, Jeff will guide you through:

• Hands on practice of Chi Kung Non-Insertion Acupuncture with a partner
• Special applications of Master Tung’s 12 Channel Extraordinary Points, 8 Extra meridians and Internal-External herbal polarity, Five Phase nutrition to treat pain, structural balancing of the back, neck and spine.
• Clinical applications of the Tai Chi/Chi Kung healing connections to Taoist *-Ching Medicine and Special Chi Kung, Tui Na self massage and Dao/Yin stretches, chi sensitivity training
• The 3 Core Classics: Tao Te Ching, Nei Ching, and Cosmology of Tao.
Friday, November 8, 10-4:00 (6CEU’s) Clinic Workshop Day with Jeff Nagel
Bring your most difficult case studies to class for group consultation and clinical applications. You will observe all aspects of Taoist Style medicine in an intimate clinical setting. Bring your patients and questions for insightful and thorough examination. Future treatment plans for each patient will be discussed. Observers may also receive treatment if time allows.
Location: Downeast Acupuncture, 55 Foden Rd., South Portland, ME.
Contact Ellen O’Connor at (207) 563-1741 or to schedule a time for your clients.
Friday, November 8, 8-7:30PM (2.5 CEU’s) An Evening of Feng Shui for Optimal Health
Learn about Classical Chinese Medicine relationships to Feng Shui, environmental remedies for health, Earth Acupuncture Geo-energy, Bagua I Ching Astrology and numerology for health, vitality and longevity. Jeff will also include special tips to enhance treatments with Feng Shui in the clinical setting.
Location: Downeast Acupuncture, 55 Foden Rd., South Portland, ME.

Saturday and Sunday, November 9 & 10, 9AM to 6PM (15 CEU’s)
This two day workshop focuses on Healing Pain and Structural Balancing of the Back, Neck and Spine with Classical Acupuncture and includes use of the following modalities:
• Herbal Nutrition
• Chi Jung
• Tui Na
• Special Applications of Master Tung’s 12-Extraordinary Channel Points

Location: Southern Maine Community College/Culinary Arts Dining Room, 2 Fort Rd., South Portland, ME.
To Register for this weekend event, contact Jason Flesh at Downeast Acupuncture (207) 879-0442/ or Elizabeth Garnett (207) 837-1553/

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