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Application for Continuing Education Course Approval Accepted for Acupuncture Requirements by the Maine Licensing Board of Complementary Health Care

Criteria for Course Approval

  1. Courses must have clearly stated objectives and be related to the practice of acupuncture and oriental medicine.  The course must be designed to promote development of knowledge, clinical skills and attitudes consistent with contemporary standards for the practice of acupuncture.  Courses involving healing arts other than acupuncture and oriental medicine may be acceptable provided the skills taught can enhance an acupuncturist’s practice.
  2. Course instructors from the United States must be licensed in their field.  Instructors from outside the United States must have equivalent status

Requirements for Course Approval

The sponsor of the course (instructor, school or organization, or designated contact person) shall submit the following materials with a letter of application 60 days prior to the date of the course offering in order for a course to be evaluated:
  1. A complete and current resume of each course instructor that includes teaching and/or publications relevant to acupuncture
  2. A course syllabus and course schedule with hourly breakdown
  3. Any descriptive materials about the course or the instructors which will help MAAOM to evaluate the course
  4. The procedure to be used for recording attendance
  5. The date, location, and description of the facilities to be used, as well as cost of attendance
  6. A non-refundable processing fee of $50

Sponsor's Responsibilities

  1. Provide MAAOM with a copy of advertising or flyer describing the course program.
  2. Include attendance fee and refund policy on any and all such advertising.
  3. Submit a complete roster of names with addresses and phone numbers of CEU applicants to MAAOM.
  4. Maintain a complete roster of all participants for at least 3 years after the date of the course.
  5. Ensure sufficient personnel to document exact times each participant leaves and returns to the program and to facilitate other administrative matters.
  6. Notify the MAAOM of any significant changes that make the sponsor unable to comply with these standards set forth.
  7. Instructors of courses approved for continuing education credit may claim one CEU for each hour of lecture. Instructors may not claim CEU’s for course repetition.

Process for Program Approval

  1. If sufficient information has been received to evaluate a course, MAAOM will assign a committee to review it as soon as practical.  This committee will promptly undertake the task of evaluating all materials in accordance with the intentions and specifications outlined herein.
  2. A contact person from MAAOM will be designated through whom all relevant communication between the course instructor, the sponsor, and MAAOM shall be directed.
  3. Final approval of a course will be determined by MAAOM and the sponsor will be promptly notified.
  4. If a course is not approved, reasons for the rejection will be stated by the chairperson of MAAOM’s Education Committee in a letter to the sponsor.
  5. MAAOM will provide participants a certificate of completion when they have successfully completed an approved course. The certificate will include the course title, date and location of the course, and the number of CEUs earned.

Checklist for CEU Course Approval


Send the following to MAAOM (address below) to receive approval for Continuing Education Units for Acupuncture:
  1. Resume for instructor
  2. Course syllabus
  3. Course schedule (hourly)
  4. Description of course
  5. Method of recording attendance
  6. Date, location and description of facility
  7. Processing fee – $50
  8. Copy of ad or flyer to MAAOM
  9. Attendance fee and refund policy
    After the course, please send the following information to MAAOM (address below).
  10. Name of each participant (printed and signature)
  11. Sign in sheet for each half day for the duration of the course

Mail to:

           Abi Morrison
           17 Masonic Street
           Rockland, ME 04841-2808