Laws and Licensure

For information on Licensure Fees, Requirements and to download an Application to be licensed to practice acupuncture in Maine, please click here.

Acupuncture Training

Licensed Acupuncturists train extensively in Eastern systems of physiology and treatment of pathology with a sound background in Western science. Learning the traditional Oriental systems of diagnoses and treatment require specialized guidance and practice in the clinical setting as well as understanding the underlying theory.

Scope Of Practice For Licensed Acupuncturists

The scope of practice of acupuncturists includes acupuncture and the allied techniques and modalities of the distinct system of health care that use oriental principles to diagnose and treat illness, injury, pain and other conditions by regulating the flow and balance of energy to restore and maintain health. These allied techniques and modalities include the following, as defined by and used exclusively in accordance with the traditions and formal curricula taught in accredited colleges of acupuncture: oriental diagnostic procedures:

Additional Certification Requirements To Make Custom Chinese Formulas

Certification is required for licensed acupuncturists to practice the formulation and dispensing of custom-made Chinese herbal formulations. “Formulation” means the preparation of traditional combinations of herbs to produce formulas from Chinese herbal literature, the modification of such traditional combinations or the writing of new formulas to address individual symptom presentations, through addition, deletion, substitution or change in dosages of ingredients and the dispensing of these herbal preparations to patients.

Continuing Education Requirements

An Applicant for renewal must obtain 30 continuing education units over the two year biennium. Continuing education credit will be given for programs which are directly related to the knowledge and clinical practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

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