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We want your main complaint to change, evolve and go away - as quickly as possible and without side effects or complications... My accent gives it away. I am from Texas but I've been practicing in Camden, Maine since 1989. My credentials include a BSN from University of Texas, MAc from Sophia Institute and specialized acupuncture and homeopathy studies around the country, receiving my CCH in 2013. I live with my husband, cats and ducks in Tenants Harbor (that's Tenants Hahbah, to you!) Acupuncture is an important treatment for many painful and inflammatory conditions. It effectively treats complications from stresses from any source including medical treatments. When it is indicated, I supplement acupuncture treatments with homeopathy. My specialties include: Treatment of Lyme disease, including co-infections and complications of this debilitating condition: I use a highly effective protocol developed by Dr. Myerowitz of Holden, Maine. Improvements are seen within the first month and complete recovery is typically 3 to 4 months after treatment begins. Smoking Cessation: Minimize your cravings, calm your nervous system and strengthen your will power. YOU CAN DO IT. Relieve the moods and cravings that come from withdrawal. All aspects of the program are tailored to your individual needs. Clients interested in this program must make a 6 week commitment (the minimum time span for the recovery of brain chemistry after nicotine addiction). Facial Rejuvenation with acupuncture: You are worth it! Bring your best face forward. My office is easy to reach in downtown Camden, free off street parking and wheelchair accessible. Not in my area? Homeopathy by telephone is the answer. Telephone consultations and follow-ups are your best way to embark on your new journey, no matter where you live.

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