Ruth Moore

Downeast Wellness

Ruth Moore, MSc.D.

12 School Street
Machias, Maine 04654

(207) 546-1405

Dr. Ruth Moore is wellness practitioner who has studied both the Chinese and Japanese healing methods of Qigong and Tsubo under Sifu Winchell Woo and Sifu Kenneth Miarecki in Boston, Massachusettes. Her training has been certified by the Shaolin Temple in the Hunan Province of China. In the United States, she has earned a Doctor of Metaphysical Science with an emphasis on Asian and Native American healing methods, Behaviorism, and Spirituality, with a Masters Degree in Exceptional Student Education based in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Her focus of practice is health and life coaching with Qi adjustments, Vital Point therapy, and Essential Oil Nutraceuticals to restore homeostasis and balance in a person’s life. She schedules private health consultations and coaching sessions, traveling as needed to meet her client’s needs; and she holds QiGong classes on a weekly basis.

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